What Is Django?

Django is a fast way to develop apps with an open source framework.

While traditional languages and development environments focus on best practice that feels like it slows you down, Django is built from the ground up with building at speed out of the box.

Here at the 2Scoops Django center, we’ve got some recommendations for how to get started with Django, compiled for you by our friendly techies that we affectionately refer to as the Ice Cream Coders.

For starters, we recommend the use of an up to date Python release. If you’re yet to install or update – you can find the Python website and download library here.

Django itself is available to install via pip – at the time of writing the latest version is 3.1.7, so you’d use:

pip install Django==3.1.7

That’s the stable version right now, you can often get your hands on a later, beta release but we only recommend that for more advanced users that probably won’t be reading this!

If you’re completely new to Django, there are plenty of resources available on the web, including the official Django Project website. That ‘Getting Started’ section may be enough if you’re good with online learning, but we like a proper, real book. Check out our Django for beginners books section if you’re interested.